Who’s Getting Stoked For Game of Thrones Final Season 8?

I’ve been rewatching… I wish Margaery and Tommen had gotten married and lived happily ever after with ser pounce. Minus the impending doom in the north that probably would have been the best ending for everyone.

I also distinctly got the impression that most of Joffrey’s psychopathy came directly from Cersei’s influence. He’s super impressionable which is why in some of the early episodes with Margaery you see him do things like greet and wave at the people, praise Margaery’s work with the poor, etc.

In other words, Joffrey’s nature wasn’t monstrous, he just turned out that way due to Cersei (and maybe Robert too). IDK if that’s supposed to be obvious but i didn’t notice it until this, my 2nd rewatch of the Game of Thrones series.

LOL no, Joffrey is just a straight-up psychopath on his own. The fact that Tommen and Myrcella both turned out fine is pretty strong evidence that his upbringing isn’t what caused him to be the way he is. (The examples of you mention are just him trying to play the part of good king and husband).

In a world of people with varying degrees of moral greyness, Joffrey and Ramsay are really the only two that are just pure, unapologetic evil.

With the primary difference being that Joffrey is also a petulant, over-emotional little brat who wants to be revered and hurts people in order to feel powerful (and I mean also he enjoys it, obviously), whereas Ramsay is just a pure sadist who delights in the fun and the thrill of torture.

Later Edit: My Opinion About Game of Thrones Season 8 From Episode 1

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  1. LuciusVorenu says:

    I bought the complete series on Bluray and watched all th special features and now am rewatching the first season in eager anticipation. God that intro music gets me so pumped up! In the Making Of they mention that the opening animation changes as needed according to new locations showed in the epsiode, I first saw a difference in the 5th episode when they first went to the Eire.

  2. Highway66 says:

    As much as I enjoy Game Of Thrones more and more I worry about the storylines. My concern is that there are so many characters…at the end of the day how much can they fit into a season? Don’t get me wrong…I love my weekly fix, but halfway through this season there are storylines that I care less and less about and I wish they would just finish it and move onto the next bit. It’s all subjective but for me this is one of the weaknesses of an otherwise awesome show. I have never read, nor intend reading the books. Just don’t have the time.

    I guess you can’t please everybody

  3. Awesome show. When you have read the book, you always worry that the story will be ruined by TV Execs chasing ratings, but so far the show has done the book justice.

    For those who haven’t read it, the show to this point has followed the book very closely. If you have enjoyed it, then I suggest reading the books as well, as while the TV series is remaining loyal to the book, it is impossible to delve into the characters with the depth that you can in a book.

    I am completely hooked, I loved Daenerys in the books and loving her on the screen as well. In the game of thrones I am definitely rooting for her

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