Virtualy Reality Technology In The Future

So I tried out VR for the first time a couple weeks ago. I’m not much of a gamer, but it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.

What’s weird is I felt the brief sensation that the real world wasn’t “real” when I took the headset off. That’s how immersive it was.

The headset I tried was an HTC Vive, but I’m thinking of getting an Oculus Rift since it’s $100 cheaper. It’s a big expense for me and not something I need at all… but it’s just so cool. I can’t get over it.

My biggest fear is that I”ll sick of it after a couple weeks and have wasted a lot of money. Does anyone here own an Oculus or Vive? Any thoughts on how you like them?

VR is finally getting to the point where it is actually pretty good, My buddy has a Oculus and he let me borrow it for a couple weeks (after he owned it for a while and didn’t use it too often anymore) the only real issues I had (with the technology) was that the “screen door” effect can be pretty bad sometimes (this should be getting better with higher resolution screens in next-gen VR headsets) but most of the time it was pretty awesome.

The real issue is content… there’s a lack of good VR games with high replay-ability, so you’ll probably have tons of fun with the headset for a couple months, then put it away for a while till something new comes out that you want to play.

I would suggest buying on the used market, as you can save a few bucks and probably get close to what you spend back out of it if you are bored in a couple months.

Not sure when next-gen headsets are supposed to come out, but if that happens in 2018 it may be worth waiting for that, even if you don’t want to spend full price that will lead to lots of people dumping current-gen headsets on the used market for cheap.

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