My Opinion About GoT Season 8 From Episode 1

It was awesome, but nothing really happened. Probably the last eventful episode of the whole thing so far – but nice to see storylines converging.

After I posted this on my Facebook account, someone say this:

”You’re joking, right? Did you not catch the dozens of parallels between this episode and and the first episode of the series? Did you miss all the reunions and revelations? All the parallels and symbolism?

It certainly wasn’t the most action-packed episode of the series, but there were some incredibly significant scenes that echo back across everything that has happened so far, and will have a huge impact on the rest of the series.”

I kinda agree with ME, in the sense it did kinda feel like nothing really happened because we already knew most of what was going to happen in this episode.

Like it was obvious that all these characters were going to meet up again this season if they hadn’t already, it was obvious that Theon would rescue Yara, it was obvious that someone was gonna tell Jon about his identity, etc.

And when they did meet, they didn’t say anything all that groundbreaking to each other (e.g. we already knew from last season that Sansa would be reluctant to accept Daenerys).

And the stuff that we didn’t know was going to happen (like Jon riding a dragon, Cersei gettin’ down with Euron, Jaime locking eyes with Bran) weren’t like landmark plot moments; more like plot detailing and asides (and not super memorable ones at that).

But I think we can all agree that from here on out, we don’t really know what’s gonna happen. So that first episode was kinda like gettin’ all the formalities outta the way (i.e. all the obvious stuff, like reunions and plot setup), and now we can get to the good stuff.

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  1. D&D really should’ve handed this show off to another showrunner awhile back. It’s clear they’ve been wanting to rush this to the end due to not wanting to work on it forever, but instead of being selfish and wanting to be in control of the entire show… just hand it off, and move on. If they’d gotten someone to do actual justice to the Dornish and Iron Island plots (and various other characters who were omitted) the show could easily have been a few seasons longer, and far from sacrificing quality, it would’ve been better for it (one of the rare instances where that can be said).

    Instead they ruined Ellaria & the Sand Snakes, killed Doran, omitted Arianne (a pov character!), chopped off most of Tyrion’s ADWD plotline & associated characters (Jon Connington, et al), and did what they did with Euron… and it’s all been downhill. (And even more omissions and changes not listed)

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