Just Finished Season Two of The Handmaid’s Tale

Nick is such a total fucking Chad. He does his absolute best to save June, and even in the worst scenarios, he puts himself at risk by doing things like giving her his gun when she (initially) refuses to relent. Twice, he got shot, and twice, he survived and escaped punishment.

Even when put in a really difficult situation with Eden, he still tried to help her as best he could, even when she refused to repent for adultery. On top of all of that, he was willing to put his own emotions aside and inform June’s husband of her circumstances, as well as leaking the letters. Overall, definitely my favorite character.

The Colonies are also an interesting concept, using expendable prisoners to revitalize irradiated land. It’s reminiscent of the gulags and Southern plantation systems, what with the overseers and the lacking food and medical treatment.

Initially, I thought it was ridiculous how they didn’t provide them with even the most basic protection equipment, but I realized they didn’t do that with those other examples, either. Still, I think it’s foolish. Even if you don’t value your prisoners at all, they’ll be able to work longer if they live longer, and that’s likely worth the cost of a gas mask and some thick jumpers.

The suicide bombing was really interesting and I wish there were more scenes like that. It was irritating that Fred didn’t get offed, but again, not expecting them to kill off a main character. Still, though, I get the point is that it’s not supposed to be some sort of Star Wars-esque resistance show, but rather, the suffering of a small group of people under the system.

Lawrence was another thing I wish got more attention. He seemed like a complex man tormented by his hand in creating a despised system. Kind of a douche, but did the right thing in the end, and didn’t rape Emily.

Other than that, though, it mostly felt like a slog through disturbing scenes and grinding tedium, with the occasional bizarre tedium thrown in. I will say this, though; they’re really, really good at establishing tension.

Even if I can easily predict what will or won’t happen (do you really think they’ll kill off the main character?) it’s presented well enough to make it a faraway concern. Mostly, anyway. Nick getting shot twice, Fred’s bombed, June nearly shoots Fred and Serena and no one dies? Someone’s time needs to come up eventually to keep the tension. Hopefully it’s Aunt Lydia, but I doubt it.

This is very incidental, but I also find it pretty ironic that Gilead acknowledges climate change and actively works to prevent it when most of the far-right, in America, at least, denies it despite overwhelming evidence.

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  1. I almost posted “yeah, I’m really enjoying it,” but that may be the wrong wording to use — it can be hard to watch and gut-wrenching at times, but it’s a very well-produced, well-acted adaptation.

    1. Yes it takes some time to watch and understand little bit the story from season one to season two.

  2. Lacemaker says:

    It’s alright. Really well produced but can be a little dramatic at times. Episodes three and seven were the ones I most enjoyed. Some of the story is a bit ridiculous and sometimes predictable. All of the acting is fantastic however. My girlfriend loves it and the idea of us watching a dark, gritty show so looks like I’m in it for the long haul.

    I’m more interested to see if this adaption leads to Hulu being seen as a serious competitor to Netflix.

  3. Engaging and really hard to watch at points, particularly episode 3. Occasionally cringy, but that’s hard to avoid with a concept like this. The monologue reminds me of Mr. Robot. I’ll watch season 2 once it’s out.

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