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With the American football season getting ready to start. I think I want to try out a IPTV service.

I am looking for any recommendations and advice. The big problem I have now is that on any open forum, their are a ton of resellers clouding the topic and I am not sure who or what to trust.

My buddy was using a pretty good one, but it recently got shut down. Basically I am looking for something with all the popular us channels including the nfl package and premium. 1080P and the ability to play on a fireTV in the US (prefer not to have to get a VPN), little to no buffer or lag. Multiple devices are nice, but not a must have.

Any suggestions or good reads to do research with?

I may be a bit outdated but the sentiment this time last year was that smoothstreams is the go to sports. Most other services resell smoothstreams as apart of their packages. Vader TV is who I currently use because last year multiple resellers were dumped and i scrambled to Vader and ended up liking it. There are a few others but I don’t know much about them.

I’ve been using ultraboxhost since February 2018 after ace-tv stopped streaming the premier league. The service has been good overall and price is reasonable but you do only get 1 connection so that might put some people off.

There’s all the usual UK and US entertainment, sports and movie channels but no MUTV which ace had but that’s only a small point. They also have a decent TV and film series VOD service but if you torrent everything like I do then that is irrelevant anyway.

I’m also in the market for a new IPTV source for NFL games. Last year I tried SmoothStreams for a month, liked it (despite some minor issues occasionally with buffering), paid for another 3 months to round out the season.

Towards the end of the season there was some weirdness with MyStreams splitting from SmoothStreams, which I don’t think I understood all the details of. My account went to a ‘new provider’ that kept claiming they were going to be better, but was just inconsistent in quality and availability. I ended up canceling.

I’ve been looking at Vader, as I know a lot of the more consistent streams I would watch on r/nflstreams last year were Vader, but I honestly have no idea how to evaluate the discussion on IPTV. I see talks of it being down, of it being inconsistent, it being banned in the UK, Brazil, and US IPs, but then others talking about it being fine.

Its like the opposite of trackers, so many shills talking about how awesome their site is and handing out trials, and so many paid bots and resellers its hard to even judge if the places I’m looking are going to give me anything other than trash being hyped.

Part of me feels like I should just get a legal service like Sling or something, but I just know there’d be some games they wouldn’t have and I’d get upset about it.

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  1. I know this is a bit late for the conversation… but I use: http://iristv.app
    The issue I’ve had with any IPTV provider is reliability. Either streams drop out or they change channel lineups and I have to go looking to where they moved it to.

  2. I just bought my mom a new TCL Roku tv. She loves private listening b/c she has bad hearing and with the headphones she doesn’t have to use cc. However Roku’s private listening doesn’t work with the Cable box. Cable is run through the roku tv via hdmi cable. Is there a way to stream this audio to headphones?

  3. I take it people here want to watch NFL games live thus IPTV?

    I usually just download the games from TYT. There is a bit of a delay after the game broadcast has finished for the game torrent to go up. But they’re pretty good over there and I just watch it the next day. Learnt to blackout NFL news before I watch my delayed broadcast.

    Also the NFL’s YouTube channel usually has a decent highlight package of each game now around 10 minutes. Then they usually feature a game and you get about 20-30 mins.

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