Best Personal Library Streaming Software For Windows?

Airsonic is a bitch to setup. Between Tomcat and sensitive config files, it isn’t great. I was thinking of trying out Google Music, but I’m not thrilled with the 50k file limit,... Read more »

Anyone Heard Of BTT?

Recently, cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) purchased Bittorrent. Now they’re trying to add the functionality to make torrents faster, and will reward users for using more bandwidth seeding torrents. I’m pretty deep in the... Read more »

Which NAS Do You Prefer For Plex Media Server?

I run Plex Media Server on my system, and am looking to move my storage into a NAS. For those of you who use one with Plex, which do you prefer? And... Read more »

Do You Ever Buy The Software You Pirate?

Well do ya? What does it take to make you get that legitimate license? I’ve bought Ableton, Reason and Sublime Text after pirating them, since I wound up using them quite often... Read more »