How Was The Avengers 4 – Endgame (2019)

Of course I’m excited enough to see it in theaters. We’re being spoiled this weekend with Avengers: Endgame and Episode 3 of Game of Thrones.

As its own movie, Endgame gets a 9/10. As the closing bookend to a long story arc, it gets a 10/10. All the references in the movie really rewards you for being a fan and for having sat through all the other movies. Will be happy to see it again before it ends its run in the theaters.

As an aside, go to Google and search for Thanos. Then click / tap on the Infinity Gauntlet on the right for a surprise.

My poor bladder would not wish that. However, I would love to have an “Extended Edition” like in the Lord of the Rings movies where Marvel Studios would add in a bunch of extra scenes that they had to shave off to get the time down to even three hours. There’s got to be a bunch of footage on the cutting room floor.

A few things in the trailers and teasers for the movie were not in the actual movie, for example. Hell, if it’s the end of Phase 3 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the story arc has completed, why not put in as much extra material as you can and have it play as a branched movie on the Blu-ray / UHD release. That would be epic.

I read something saying Spiderman Far From Home was going to be the official end of Phase 3. I’m hoping to get more resolution from that.

They did a pretty good job and I’d give the movie a solid 8/10. I was a little disappointed by how much it strayed from the comics but that was to be expected.

This movie was 3 hours of pure fanservice in the best possible sense. The last act delivered me both the greatest joy and greatest sadness I think the superhero genre has yet given me.

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