Game Of Thrones Season 8 Not So Good

Apologies if someone has already mentioned this, how in the holy fuck does a dragon flying high in the sky miss an entire fucking FLEET of ships! How??

I’m more in the camp that the show has been mostly shite since it went off book due to Martin’s inability to write anymore but in addition to the return of time and space having no meaning there were just so many things that pissed me off about that last episode. Bronn as others have mentioned, but there is just no way the Jon of the books disses Ghost the way he does.

Bad enough we see Ghost running into battle last week and then nothing on how he survived but I don’t care if Jon is a bloody Targaryen by birth and whatever the symbolism the showrunners thought they were trying to convey in that scene where Ghost is left to go fuck himself with Tormund. Honestly it would have been more believable for Jon to be so happy to see that his direwolf survived the Battle of Winterfell that there was an entire scene where we get three minutes of him sodomizing that animal he’s so fucking happy. I mean the family doesn’t mind a little inbreeding, so what’s a little bestiality.

The show is just ridiculous now or maybe I’m just pissed that with Arya killing the Night King the whole Azor Ahai plot was tossed out a very high window at Winterfell.

In Dance with Dragons the Iron Bank plays a key role in major plot threads involving the Lannisters in King Landing and Stannis Baratheon who is in the North. Jon Snow who is still Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch also has dealings with the Iron Bank’s emissary to secure provisions that will allow the Night’s Watch to survive the coming winter.

Really weird how they had Mark Gatiss as the representative of the Iron Bank, and then it seems like they literally forgot about it. I don’t recall that it was ever wrapped up (i mean granted, i also have bad memory).

They haven’t had a reason to bring him back until this episode — and presumably they will. he may have been in the background during the KL scene in episode 4 but i don’t remember.

Ooh wait i’m an idiot, you’re not talking about golden company guy. didn’t they have a scene last season where cersei pays off all her debts to the iron bank using the gold they looted from highgarden? then that’s how she’s able to get the support of the iron bank and the golden company? i’m pretty sure the iron bank guy was there in that scene.

Entertaining, and very cool set pieces and fight sequences, but atrocious writing. All characterization went right out the window.

CleganeBowl is a good microcosm of the episode as a whole: it was cool, but Sandor claiming that he’s actually been driven by a desire to get revenge against Gregor this whole time is… literally made-up. The Hound didn’t want it, fandom did.

So much of the writing seems to be based around either giving in to or subverting fan expectations, rather than having a clear vision of the story and characters, and committing to it.

I figure since the television writers have just abandoned all of the prophecy material, perhaps this means Martin will finish it more according to those lines in the final two novels, assuming he publishes them. Maybe that was the plan all along after the showrunners got to the point where there was no more published source material.

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  1. Darkknight says:

    I actually enjoyed the first 4 episodes of the season. Esp ep 3, I personally loved it. Had to defend the season against haters all month.
    This episode though… nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. y u do this???
    The Lannister plot was the biggest disappointment by far.
    Cleganebowl was hitting those hype levels but then it turned into this inconsequential suicide pact..
    The full-blown massacre of the city was too ridic even for Dany imo.

    Gahhhh. There it goes, I’m off the wagon.

  2. I thought it was a good (not great) episode, cried when the hound died guess I’m crazy also enjoyed:

    – the moment Dany started burning shit and Jon realized what he’d done
    – the Hound saving Arya from herself
    – Tyrion having his last moment with Jaime
    – some of the mayhem in the city, particularly when they humanized it a bit with Arya and the woman/daughter

    meh or okay at best though:

    – Jaime/Cersei
    – Cleganebowl…it was alright
    – moment of Dany going insane; it had potential with the dissonant bells and whatnot but they could have done it much better
    – Dany/Grey Worm scene about whatsherface, as well as the Dany/Jon scene…it was basically a repeat of the other one
    – Varys stuff (it could have been done better)

  3. I love how she flew straight into the Iron Fleet, without any real plan, without doing anything different than what she did before, but by the magical power of poor writing, they just happened to miss her constantly. There’s literally for no reason for things not to have turned out exactly the same way as before.

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