Do You Ever Buy The Software You Pirate?

Well do ya? What does it take to make you get that legitimate license?

I’ve bought Ableton, Reason and Sublime Text after pirating them, since I wound up using them quite often (student discount helped too). I can’t bring myself to pay for Photoshop with their shitty cloud subscription service… even though I use it all the time.

I’ve never used an illegitimate version of Windows, that seems a little too close to everything I do. I realise that your reasons could include multiple poll choices… pick one that speaks to you I guess?

Here’s the opinion of few friends regarding this question

  • I can’t remember the last time I paid for software. I only use open source software and sometimes freely available proprietary apps. I would also never pirate software because I could not trust the origin. With music its ok because it should not be able to run any arbitrary code.
  • If I find myself using it enough I buy it. I’ve purchased Synergy 1 and 2 – didn’t like 2 so went back to 1. Don’t regret buying it though I use it constantly and it’s very reasonably priced. Also purchased DisplayFusion, my AV software and that’s about it for programs. Games I always purchase legally. Don’t actually like using pirated programs.
  • I like to support devs if they make something I find useful so I will buy things I use often and/or make money from. I bought 2 licenses of Windows 10 Pro because the first one I installed on a virtual machine, then wiped the drive which apparently made the license unrecoverable. I don’t feel good about Micro$oft’s terrible licensing limitations but dealing with a cracked OS is just too shady and Windows is already shady enough.
  • I refuse to buy into Adobe’s subscription plan, as I can’t justify the cost for how little I actually use their software. I still want to make the occasional dumb photoshop though, so I pirate it. I just don’t agree with the idea of paying a monthly subscription for software that’s locked by remote DRM when there’s no real reason for it to require a remote service at all. Everything else is either free (and/or open source) or I’ve paid for a license. I used to pirate a lot of software, but these days I can afford to pay for it, so I do. In addition to the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting the work of the developers who build the software I use on a daily basis, I feel more at ease not needing to decide whether I trust a crack enough to run it on my machine. There are a lot of random P2P release groups out there these days – a lot of unfamiliar names I don’t recognize – and it’s one less thing for me to worry about.
  • When I was in high-school and college, I pirated a lot of software. Now, I’m perfectly content paying for it (Windows, bundled games) and using open-source or free software. The only stuff I would consider pirated is ROMs for older games in emulators because it’s too convenient to find and run in one place.

What’s your opinion on Buy the Software or Pirate?

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  1. Yeah, if there are programs that I use a lot then I’ll usually end up paying for them if and when there’s a decent price offer available. At the end of the day it’s often less hassle buying a license than constantly fiddling with cracks and hacks to try and keep new versions working. The only time I won’t ever pay is if there’s a recurring fee. I’ll pay once to own it, but I’m not going to keep paying over and over to retain access.

  2. PianoJazz says:

    Personnally, I find that KeePass, opensource, is a perfect password manager for a personal computer. I use in combination with the plugin Kee for Firefox and Chrome, and with Keepass2Android for my cellphone.

    1. Thanks for comments guys.

      @PianoJazz: I also use Keepass2Android on my Samsung, so welcome to my blog and see you on other posts.

  3. I used to pirate a lot of apps, but now I try to not have any cracked software running on my devices. The risk of getting a bad crack, the hassle of downloading, patching, keeping it updated, blacklisting license servers is just too much to save a couple of bucks. I value my time more than that now.

    If I need to use some expensive software for a one-off task that’s not possible with the demo I might pirate it but otherwise I just buy the tool.

  4. I bought one copy of Windows 7 one time. And I bought a copy of Moneydance. That is literally the only software I have ever paid for, ever (and my ever is relatively long around here). Music, is a different story. It is quite likely I have bought more music than I have pirated and I have pirated a whole fucking lot of music. Obviously lots of open source and also covered by work licenses going on but in general I just can’t stomach paying for software.

  5. It’s pretty rare I’ll buy software.

    My journey is mostly from pirating on windows (windows, office, photoshop etc) to embracing open source on Linux. So I’ve pretty much stopped pirating software but haven’t spent much on it either.

    I have bought a couple of android apps – yatse, dsub – but again, it’s rare not to be able to find something free that does what I need.

    I guess software-as-service is something I’ve paid for and probably will again. Dropbox, Spotify etc, are sort of both software and service. Not that I pay for either any more.

  6. I bought ableton (lite) and some vsts and internet download manager. Bought iOS and android apps too. I also bought a year of MS but ended up not using it even the 1tb one drive…

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