Best Personal Library Streaming Software For Windows?

Airsonic is a bitch to setup. Between Tomcat and sensitive config files, it isn’t great.

I was thinking of trying out Google Music, but I’m not thrilled with the 50k file limit, and I am not clear if I need to upload my entire library to the cloud… not thrilled about that.

What do you all use these days?

I can’t wait for Roon to offer remote streaming… I’m salty that I paid $700 CAD for music software I can’t use on the go.

mStream has a Windows installer:

There’s obviously Plex, but it’s not for everyone when it comes to music. They just made a deal to also offer an interface to Tidal via the same app so hopefully the mobile apps wil benefit from that. There’s also Jellyfin which is the open-source fork of Emby everyone’s moving to after Emby closed their source.

I personally primarily use Plex from my seedbox as a losless self-hosted server and iTunes and Apple Music for its ease of use which has a hard cap of 100k songs iirc, and only music that doesn’t have a matching audio-signature present in the store actually gets uploaded. You can then pull back down AAC256 DRM-free from the iCloud to your devices (app for Android too).

Airsonic is actually pretty great. It takes a bit of effort to setup, but it really isn’t that hard. I am running the standalone application on a remote server. Let us know where you installation fails and I am sure we can help you get it running.

Airsonic is great. I don’t know why it stopped working. It stopped working after a power outage. The server is fine. I am terribly unfamiliar with Tomcat, so I can’t even remember how I got it running in the first place. I downloaded the updated .war file, overwrote the old one, double-clicked it a few times… no dice.

I am just not sure how to start it up again. All the config files remain untouched. Note, this is in a Windows environment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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