Anyone Heard Of BTT?

Recently, cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) purchased Bittorrent. Now they’re trying to add the functionality to make torrents faster, and will reward users for using more bandwidth seeding torrents.

I’m pretty deep in the crypto scene, and while I know others have tried incentivized seeding (vtorrent), this is garnering a bit more attention since they actually acquired Bittorrent, the company.

I was just curious what other people involved in torrenting think of something like this, since I hadn’t seen any topics on any of the other private trackers mentioning this.

I believe the idea is also to reward people for seeding, and not just uploading. I’m interested to see how it actually works, in practice, but from the sounds of it you could theoretically just load up some seedboxes & start “mining” the tokens using all of that high-end bandwidth. I’m not sure if Tron’s blockchain could actually handle the transactions per second needed to pull this off, but still think the idea is worth discussing in the meantime.

If it DID work, I think it’d be pretty interesting, because you have all of these crypto traders who don’t know a blessed thing about seedboxes – so the people used to this scene would definitely have the advantage in terms of earning potential.

This seems like the same thing ED2K did in the past. People who uploaded more was move to the top of the line when downloading from someone who they uploaded to.

I am a huge fan of the ED2K model even with it’s issues and the fact it is dying off. It would be nice to see a system like this brought back. I had high hopes when DHT was brought into the torrent protocol.

Either way it will be a system that can be abused. And not sure how you would be able to make enough money to pay for those seedboxes.

Well, if it works like regular mining, you’d ostensibly earned more if your bandwidth (hashrate, in regular mining) was significantly higher than the network average, or amounted to a solid %. So if everyone on the network is running 18mb DSL, and you’re running a seedbox on a 1gig line 24/7, you should be getting decent rewards.

And Tron, the company behind all of this, has a $1.5bil market cap right now, so the chances of the tokens being worth something isn’t bad.

I wouldn’t think a high-end seedbox would pay off, either, but having a bunch of cheap ones filled to the brim & seeding -might- be cost-effective. Haven’t seen anything yet about how the actual economics of it will work.

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